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Want some Star Trek Online steam codes with no cost? Well, we did too. KeyMadness has now made it possible and created a free Star Trek Online Steam Key Generator, the only working Star Trek Online steam key generator on the net. Trust KeyMadness for all of your steam key needs!

Getting free Star Trek Online steam codes is easy as..

  1. Select your attack server, enable notifcations, and then press connect.
  2. The generator will start. Wait for it to finish and authenticate through KeyIntegrityIP.
  3. You should recieve a notifcation with a link to your Star Trek Online steam key!

Free Star Trek Online Steam Key Generator - Generate Unlimited Star Trek Online Steam Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions

No you cannot. We have a maximum amount of 1 steam key per game. This is because we don't want to run out of resources. If you want to be able to generate more than 1 Star Trek Online then please contact us.

No. Our development team takes pride in our Star Trek Online steam key generator. We're so confident that you won't get detected.

However, we also believe in security and that's why use push notifications. This means if our hack were to get detected and they found to our servers, then they wouldn't know who's who! Furthermore, our CoD points generator is updated daily. We're constantly changing up our exploit code so we can cover our tracks.

Lastly, our server connects to the vulnerable servers with 256-bit packet protection + proxy chains. This means that its theoretically impossible for them to know where our server is located. Lastly, we never ask for your password, so don't worry about your account ever getting hacked! All we need is your username to give you your CoD points. We never ask for your password, so do not fear that your account will get hacked by using our service. All we need is your account name to provide you with the desired in-game CoD Points.

No. Our development team chooses to use KeyIntegrityIP for our 3rd party verification service. KeyIntegrityIP just requires you to install an app on your phone, proving that you are a real human being, other than a bot. We have greedy competitors that try and take unlimited Star Trek Online key code. So, this is the only free way we could think of when it comes to true verification.

We're in the proceess of supporting all countries for our generator. However, our main focus are tier 1 countries. Then as we progress to fully support tier 1 countries, we will move towards tier 2 countries and so on.

Very simply, we make our money from KeyIntegrityIP. This provides us incentive to generate these Star Trek Online codes for you.